XRF988 Gateway X-Reflector BY EA7IYR

Hosted By Ham-Digital Spain Group

Linked Gateways/Reflectors
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E
XRF214 A REF018 D
REF075 B
XRF945 D

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
EA7IYR listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time EST
EA4EWW EA4EWW XRF988 D REF075 180717-09:11:31
EA3RCH EA3RCH XRF988 D REF018 180717-09:03:28
EA2COE EA2COE XRF988 D REF075 180717-08:57:32
EA4FKJ EA4FKJ XRF988 D REF075 180717-08:48:55
EA1CIU EA1CIU XRF988 D REF018 180717-08:37:23
EB2EMZ EB2EMZ XRF988 D REF018 180717-07:59:15
EA3FNQ EA3FNQ XRF988 D REF018 180717-07:54:26
EB3DPH EB3DPH XRF988 D REF018 180717-07:53:28
EA7JBK EA7JBK XRF988 D REF018 180717-07:47:43
EA4XA EA4XA XRF988 D REF075 180717-07:41:43
EA1IGN EA1IGN XRF988 D REF018 180717-07:36:45
SM0RUX SM0RUX XRF988 A XRF214 A 180717-07:13:42
EA3IE EA3IE XRF988 D REF075 180717-06:27:04
EA7EOJ EA7EOJ XRF988 D REF018 180717-06:23:24
EA1VIL EA1VIL XRF988 D REF018 180717-06:14:14
EA7DMP EA7DMP XRF988 D REF075 180717-05:13:31
EA7JTR EA7JTR XRF988 D REF018 180717-04:47:31
EC1ABR EC1ABR XRF988 D REF018 180717-04:14:22
EA2EDF EA2EDF XRF988 D REF018 180717-03:10:38
EA1IBH EA1IBH XRF988 D REF018 180716-23:34:33
EB2DPT EB2DPT XRF988 D REF018 180716-19:47:32
LU1BJW LU1BJW XRF988 D REF075 180716-17:22:29
EA5TT EA5TT XRF988 D REF075 180716-17:20:34
LU3AFB LU3AFB XRF988 D REF075 180716-17:06:17
EA7DE EA7DE XRF988 D REF018 180716-17:01:32
EA7JJF EA7JJF XRF988 D REF018 180716-16:40:32
EA1JM EA1JM XRF988 D REF018 180716-16:30:21
EA4GPU EA4GPU XRF988 D REF018 180716-16:23:15
EA2IP EA2IP XRF988 D REF018 180716-15:45:30
EA7JSJ EA7JSJ XRF988 D REF075 180716-15:14:49
EA2CLC EA2CLC XRF988 D REF075 180716-14:49:03
EA9UV EA9UV XRF988 D REF018 180716-14:22:22
EA7HNR EA7HNR XRF988 D REF018 180716-14:13:48
EA7IYR EA7IYR XRF988 D REF018 180716-14:12:18
EA3ANS EA3ANS XRF988 D REF075 180716-13:43:23
EB3GHN EB3GHN XRF988 D REF018 180716-13:28:33
EA1CI EA1CI XRF988 D REF018 180716-13:07:26
IU7IGU P IU7IGU P XRF988 D REF075 180716-12:34:02
DF8AY DF8AY XRF988 D XRF945 D 180716-12:20:46

Status as of Tue Jul 17 09:19:04 2018 EST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 9 days, 8 hours and 6 minutes